What to consider when buying a pub

Once you have decided that you want to buy a pub, the next step is to choose which pub for sale is the right fit for you. There are always many pubs for sale on the market, so you should have plenty of choices. There can even be so many options that the process is overwhelming. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when looking for the right pub to buy.

Best Value Hotels | 3 Crafty Ways to Get an Upgraded Hotel Room

If you love travelling, chances are you end up spending way more on hotels that you like. No matter where you go, hotel accommodation always ends up taking out a major chunk of your holiday budget –– and there's not much you can do to change that. Instead of dwelling on the misfortune of hotel expenses, you could take advantage of them to get better value by following these crafty ways to get hotel room upgrades.

Beach Vacations | 4 Cool Features To Look For in Coastal Accommodation

Looking to spend your next vacation at the beach? That's a fantastic idea! But you'll need to ensure that you get your planning just right for a phenomenal getaway -- and that includes your accommodation. Whether you're staying in budget or boutique accommodation, you'll probably want a hotel equipped with some vital features to turn a good holiday into a great one. Here are some exciting features to look for in coastal accommodation.

Why Caravan Parks Are Perfect for Large Groups

It can be challenging trying to accommodate a large group on holiday, particularly one including small children. There are surprisingly few rental properties with more than 8 bedrooms, and you may not be such a close group that sharing a kitchen and living space is desirable anyway. Whether you are going away with your extended family, a mothers' group or old friends, here are some reasons why a caravan park may be your best solution.

4 Hotel Secrets that You Should Know Before Booking Accommodations

There are hundreds of ways you can book accommodations from using smartphone apps to going online and planning your entire trip. Though each of these methods have their own benefits, there are a few secrets that you can use to add even more benefits to your plans. Here are four hotel secrets that you should know before you book your hotel and start your vacation. Understand Hidden Terms of Third Party Booking