Best Value Hotels | 3 Crafty Ways to Get an Upgraded Hotel Room

If you love travelling, chances are you end up spending way more on hotels that you like. No matter where you go, hotel accommodation always ends up taking out a major chunk of your holiday budget –– and there's not much you can do to change that. Instead of dwelling on the misfortune of hotel expenses, you could take advantage of them to get better value by following these crafty ways to get hotel room upgrades. With these easy tips, you could worm your way into getting a fabulous room every time.

Book a Medium-Priced Room

When booking a room, you should know that it is supremely difficult to get high-priced rooms when you've only paid for the lowest room price in the hotel. If you've booked the base room, chances of upgrading to a better room are close to minimal. But if you meet hotels half way by booking a medium-priced room, you could find yourself getting an upgrade far more easily –– this is because the hotel won't be making a significant loss, as they would if they were bumping you up from the lowest price. And above all else, don't forget to politely ask the front desk clerk for a possible upgrade.

Make Sure you Have Good Timing

Once you've booked your room, check in later in the day and not at the specific check-in time offered by hotels. This is because hotels don't know how many no-shows and cancellations will occur earlier in the day and won't risk giving out an upgrade. By checking in later in the afternoon or early evening, you will probably have a better chance of getting an upgrade, since most guests would have already arrived or would have informed the hotel of a cancellation.

Loyalty is Often Rewarded in the Hotel Industry

The hospitality industry is big on loyalty. That's because hotels strive hard to get returning guests. They want to know that they're your favourite brand and that they have been recommended. If you want to get upgraded, you have two simple tasks –– be loyal to a brand and recommend them to your friends, families and colleagues. When you recommend hotels, make sure you get noticed if you want the upgrade. For example, share the hotel's social media pages often on your own platforms, write raving reviews about the hotel and ask your referrals to drop your name at the front desk. Hotels make note of this type of loyalty and will likely reward you with an upgraded room during your next check-in. Good hotels record everything –– and they usually remember their loyal customers.

Keep in mind that these strategies usually only work during off-peak travel, since hotels simply may not have upgrades to hand out during peak travel seasons.