Two common misconceptions about all-inclusive wedding venues

Here are two common misconceptions about all-inclusive wedding venues.

The weddings held by all-inclusive wedding venues are generic with no personal touches

One misconception about venues like hotels that specialise in all-inclusive weddings is that the weddings they host are generic and have no personal touches. This misconception usually arises due to couples assuming that if they select an all-inclusive wedding package, they won't get to personalise any elements of it and so their wedding will look the same as all the other couples who opted for that package.

Fortunately, this is incorrect. In reality, most hotels that operate as all-inclusive wedding venues give their clients the option of personalising many aspects of their packages. For example, whilst a wedding package might always include a vase of flowers on every reception dinner table, each couple can usually select the flower varieties they want in their floral arrangements. Likewise, whilst these packages might always include forms of decor like balloons and garlands, each couple can select the colour of this decor. The same is true of the type of candles that will be on the reception dinner tables and the designs, images and text on the wedding signage.

In short, whilst the foundational elements of an all-inclusive wedding package might not change much from one wedding to the next, the weddings held in these venues can still differ greatly from one another, in regards to their aesthetics, theme and general ambience. As such, this type of venue can be an excellent choice for couples who want their wedding to have lots of personal touches that make it unique.

The cost of hosting a wedding at one of these venues is exorbitantly expensive

Many couples shy away from booking hotels that provide all-inclusive wedding services because they fear that the packages offered by these venues will be too expensive. However, opting for one of these wedding packages can potentially save an engaged couple a lot of money when planning their wedding. For example, if a couple plans their own wedding without this service, they'll need to work with and help multiple vendors to coordinate with one another. They may find themselves having to travel back and forth to, for example, their florist, the wedding venue manager, their caterer and the rental companies from whom they'll be hiring the wedding furniture and decor. This could not only result in them spending a lot on fuel for their vehicle but might also lead to them having to take a lot more time off work to go to these appointments, which would result in a short-term reduction in income. If this couple opted for an all-inclusive venue, virtually all of this costly travelling to different places would be eliminated, they wouldn't need to help vendors to coordinate with one another, and they would only need to visit the venue a few times during the planning process.

Additionally, hotels that offer this service have well-established relationships with various types of wedding vendors, which can allow them to easily negotiate discounts and pass these savings on to their clients by offering affordable all-inclusive packages. Conversely, an engaged couple who is dealing with many individual vendors they've had no previous contact with might find it impossible to get any of these vendors to offer them any special deals and so could end up paying more than they would if they'd chosen an all-inclusive venue.

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