Travelling with a toddler - sanity saving tips

If you are travelling somewhere with a toddler, it can seem like parenting has suddenly gotten a lot harder. Hiring a self contained apartment can be a great sanity saver for the following situations.

Fussy eater

If you have a slightly fussy eater, you can get a collection of easy-to-prepare items assembled in the kitchen, as well as some snacks you can slip in your bag for the on-the-go refuels. You'll probably save money by doing this ,but you'll definitely be able to save your sanity by ensuring that you have their favourite cereal available as soon as they wake in the morning. You can also save some of the battle on eating vegetables from being shared with all the other patrons of the hotel restaurants or local cafes!

Nap time battles

In a single hotel room, you'll find that either everyone needs to be awake if the lights are on, or everyone needs to be quiet and have the lights off. This can mean much earlier nights than you may have planned, and if you aren't blessed with a child that happily sleeps in a stroller, you might find you have a very silent few hours to kill in the middle of the day.

In a self contained apartment, you can shut the door to the child's bedroom, and you'll have some space where you can chat with your partner, catch up on your reading or surf the net. You also don't have to worry about housekeeping knocking on the door as soon as your toddler has finally dropped off to sleep. Self contained apartments usually opt for a weekly rather than daily cleaning schedule.

Room to play

While you might be heading away with the intention of seeing all the sights, if your toddler is a very early riser, you can easily find yourself with 2-3 hours to kill before any of the sights are open. In a hotel room, there is little room to spread out construction blocks or a set of shop themed dolls. But with the extra space in a self contained apartment, your child will be able to bring a precious toy or two and have some space to play, and you'll gain a precious few minutes to have a little break and perhaps have a warm cup of tea!

If you are travelling with a toddler, renting self contained apartments can be a great way to make sure you survive your holiday with your sanity intact.