Drifting Off: How Hotel Rooms Help You Go To Dreamland

Traditionally, lack of quality sleep has been a major complaint directed at motel rooms. These days, however, if you find yourself suffering from insomnia, a night in a motel might be just what the doctor ordered. Given that motel guests spend a large portion of their time sleeping, it is little surprise that across the globe, motels are hiring sleep consultants, purchasing luxurious mattresses and sound-proofing their walls to ensure that you have a restful slumber. Here are some of the techniques motels are using in their quest for five stars in the sleep stakes.  

Sleeping In The Clouds

Gone are the days when you would be faced with a lumpy mattress and checked quilt. Motels now promote their "dreamy" and "heavenly" mattresses whilst explaining about pillow tops, memory foam and inner springs. If you sleep soundly, your motel may even be able to help you order the same mattress for home.

In order to further enhance your sleep experience, many motels offer pillow menus which allow you to choose a pillow based on sleep positions, scents you prefer and any allergies you may have. High contour, low contour, firm, soft and hypoallergenic pillows are available with jasmine, eucalyptus and other sleep-inducing scents.

Additionally, motel reviews consistently reveal that guests like the way beds are made with starched, white sheets and hospital corners. This requires a considerable effort to achieve at home.   

Extra Help On The Way To Nod

Motel managers know that you may need more than a comfortable bed to summon the Sandman. Here are some of the less conventional offerings you may find next time you venture away from home.

Sleep kit: You may be given a small bag containing items such as noise-cancelling ear plugs, a sleep mask and a curtain clip to guarantee complete blackout.

Nature scenes: It is not by accident that motel rooms feature pictures of flowers, trees or animals. According to the biophilia hypothesis, human beings are most at peace when they are close to other living things. Small potted plants are often incorporated into the décor for the same reason.

Room service snacks: The room service menu may offer suggestions for foods and drinks that boost serotonin levels to make sleep more likely. For example, fruit salad with a glass of warm milk can achieve this effect.

Sounds of sleep: Peaceful music and white noise makers can be piped into your room to assist with sleep.

Sleepercise: Some motels can send a sleep concierge to your room to help with gentle yoga or meditation before lights out.

Poor sleep can affect your health and productivity. If you find yourself tossing and turning, it might be time to check into a motel like Burswood Lodge and indulge in comforts that have been specially designed to send you to the land of nod.