How To Save On Motel Accommodation Costs

There are a number of establishments that offer both long and short-term accommodation for travelers. Examples of these establishments include hotels, serviced apartments and motels. There are a number of advantages you can enjoy if you choose to stay in a motel during your travels, including the fact that motels are the most affordable of accommodation options. Here are a few practical ways you can save money when intending to stay in a motel. 

Carry Enough Clothes For Your Journey

Saving on accommodation-related costs involves more than picking the hotel charging the lowest rates for a night in their rooms.  You need to think of the indirect costs you will be forced to incur during your stay at the motel. The cost of motel laundry services is the most common of these indirect costs.

The only way to save on laundry costs is to use the motel laundry services less often. You should remember this when packing for your trip so that you carry enough items of clothing. You don't need to worry about having to carry extra luggage because of the amount of money that this will have saved you by the time you get back home.

Consider The Location Of The Motel

Location is an important factor when choosing which motel to stay in. The location can either increase or reduce the overall cost of your trip.

Ideally, you should choose a location that is in close proximity with your particular areas of interest.  This way, you will not have to spend a lot of money commuting from your motel to the mentioned areas during your duration of stay.

Be Loyal To One Motel/Chain Of Motels

Loyalty to one motel or a chain of motels is also a practical way of saving on the cost of motel accommodation. Repeat business from frequent travelers is the lifeline of any motel. As such, motels will often have incentives such as discounted rates for their loyalty. If you visit a particular place frequently, staying at the same motel on all your visits can earn you great discounts.

For travelers who are in different places most of the time, it would be wise to stay loyal to a particular chain of motels that has more than a national or regional presence.  This way, you get the same quality of service and accommodation regardless of where your travels will take you. For more information, contact various motels in your area.